036:365 Big Ginger Boyfriend!

036:365 Big Ginger Boyfriend

1/10th of the way there!

Here’s Gracie!

It was a weird day today, mostly productive, cold, snowy, sunny. A little of everything. This drawing is a bit “generalized” for my usual style, but it does feel like him. Gracie staring at me, wanting attention. I didn’t get him right, but I’m having trouble doing this narrative thing.

Many years ago, upon finding a fascination with pattern, I started making abstract work, and have since had trouble liking my figurative work. That’s not to say that I don’t do any, but it pushes at my boundaries. Something I’m doing a lot of lately, but a bit uncomfortable nonetheless.

It is not, however very narrative. A single frame can tell a story, but his little crossed paws don’t come across yet. Art is about exploration and trying different things. Maybe I’ll do another portrait of him tomorrow.

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